Thank you for your interest in ALPACAfax. ALPACAfax is a statistical analysis of an
individual alpaca, its descendants and ancestry. The data collected by ALPACAfax is
compiled into a report to be used for pre purchase study, breeding decisions, Insurance,
marketing, appraisals, and much more.

Why Use ALPACAfax?

ALPACAfax is Study allows the potential buyer or breeder to explore the history of the
alpaca and know its market value before buying.

ALPACAfax is designed to take some of the guessing out of breeding decisions by utilizing
the genetic history of the alpaca to estimate the outcome and also see the market value of
resulting cria regardless of gender, allowing the breeder to breed for an alpaca that is
the most marketable.

ALPACAfax utilizes a feature called Ancestry Auditor to calculate the Heritage most
accurately. No more guessing!

ALPACAfax incorporates market data to generate an Estimated Market Value (EMV) and
Actual Market Value (AMV) for the individual alpaca. The EMV is adjusted based on a 55
detail point assessment to produce the AMV.

ALPACAfax may be used to assign a value to your alpaca for insurance purposes by
providing the Actual Market Value (AMV) to your insurance company.

Legal Documents. ALPACAfax may be used in a court of law for instance such as theft, loss,
accidental death or injury.
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Current ALPACAfax Database of Foundation Reports.
Foundation Reports are the cornerstone of the ALPACAfax evaluation process. Foundation
Reports are compiled to form the most dynamic and accurate evaluation for an individual
alpaca. Foundation Reports are provided free of charge and will prove to be a valuable
asset to your records. See the Sample ALPACAfax Report above to see the finished
Use this tool for live
support and inquiries.
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Current ALPACAfax Foundation Reports
All information being sold as an ALPACAfax Evaluation Report has been obtained
legally. ALPACAfax is not affiliated with any organization and is only a service of

Good Shepherd Farm Alpacas
and originated in 2005. It is our intent for ALPACAfax
to be a tool for all alpaca breeders to assist in making a good solid evaluation of an
alpaca and does not advertise or endorse any alpaca, farm, owner, or breeder.
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To purchase a new ALPACAfax please use the form to the right. The cost is simple. $8.00
per every alpaca in the lineage. If your alpaca has 10 alpacas in it's lineage, your cost
would be $80. Purchase five or more and the sixth one is free. Paypal is accepted.