1. Appearance -overall eye appeal, neck to back ratio
  2. Bone structure - Conformation, bite
  3. Head - ear length
  4. testicle size, presence, firmness
  5. disposition

  1. Fleece coverage
  2. uniformity of fleece (part fleece to skin at front shoulder,
    mid blanket, hip, neck, and topknot)
  3. fineness
  4. uniformity of crimp
  5. overall abundance of fleece
  6. Boldness of crimp
  7. Fleece luster or sheen
  8. Uniformity of lock structure
  9. Density ( uniformity of density)
  10. fleece color
  11. fleece sample

  1. price
  2. health records
  3. sire & dam ( if known)
A Maiden Female  is defined as a female alpaca that has not been bred to a male. For some,
entering the BREEDER's market, is probably the least expensive (but slowest) method. With Maiden
Females, the prices will vary depending on genetics (genotype), conformation, color, other
characteristics and fleece quality (phenotype). Maiden females prices generally average around
$6-8,000. By purchasing a Maiden the need to purchase a male vanishes because, the Maiden may
or may not be old enough to breed and by purchasing from Good Shepherd Farm, buyers receive
free breed back to any fully owned Herdsire. Breedings can also be purchased from almost any farm
in a nation for far less than the price of buying another alpaca.

The Maiden Females of Good Shepherd Farm are quality females that will add value to your herd.
ALPACAfax TM Breeding Program is also apart of the purchase of a Maiden Female. To take
advantage of this great offer, contact us today!  
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The choices made early on in your Alpaca purchases will define the growth of your investment.
Choosing the right Alpacas to meet your goals, is vital in the early years. The Maiden Females from
Good Shepherd Farm possess the Genetics to advance the next generation with the proper breeding
practices. Improve the quality of your investment by choosing to Breed your Maiden to a Herdsire from
Good Shepherd Farm.

Need help choosing? With our one of a kind breeding program called
ALPACAfax TM, we know the capabilities and the offspring's market
value before any breeding occurs. By utilizing
ALPACAfax TM, finding the right male to compliment the strengths of your female has become
much easier.
Contact us for a sample.

Listed below are the Maiden Females that are available for purchase from Good Shepherd Farm Alpacas. All Maiden Females have been
tested negative for the BVDV virus and enjoy a clean living environment.

There are a limited number of Maidens available each year.
Transportation, Board, and ALPACAfax TM are included with the purchase.
Multiple purchases are available at a discounted price. Breedings to any Good Shepherd Farm Herdsire are always included with the
purchase of a female. For more information or to discuss details please give us a call.

Good Shepherd Farm is the only farm to offer these great benefits with a Maiden Female purchase:
  1. Reproductive Guarentee
  2. Paid Transfer of Ownership with the Alpaca Registry
  3. Access to the ALPACAfax TM Breeding Program
  4. Alpaca will pass a standard insurance examination conduct by a qualified Veterinarian
  5. Purchaser receives all medical and health records
  6. Return Customer Rewards Appreciation Discount
  7. Multiple Breeding Discounts (50%off  2 or more, no expiration)
  8. Show Rewards, show the offspring, get a 20% Discount on ANY future purchase
  9. 30 Day Live Birth Guarantee on 1st cria from purchase
  10. Top Bloodlines to maximize your investment.
  11. 24 hour Experienced Veterinarian Care.
  12. Special Creative Financing to fit your needs
  13. Free board during breeding period (60 days)
  14. 10% Commission upon sale of a alpaca or breedings
Point of Beginning
Criteria for selecting a Maiden Female
(No particular order)
Good Shepherd Farm Female Bloodlines
(No particular order)
(Medium Fawn) SA Peruvian Excelsior
(True Black) 4Peruvian Black Magic 6025
(Light Brown) PPeruvian Guellermo G4546
(Grey) Leonardo Dicaprio AM02
(Grey) Benny Goodman
(Medium Fawn) PHA Accoyo Stratosphere
(White) 4Peruvian Legacy
(Light Brown) MFI Peruvian Logan
(White) PPPeruvian Augusto 6009
(White) Mateo S228
(White) Peruvian Pluro G4571
(Grey) Ubina's Rudolph Valentino
(Grey) NWA, LTD General Schwarzkopf
(Grey) Cisco Kid PC B084
(Grey) El Gris PC G147
(True Black) Chaka Khan PC R114
(Medium Brown) Ghengis Khan PC G120
(Grey) SA Silverado
(Grey) SA Huckleberry
(Grey) Macusani's Majesty
(Grey) Peruvian Macusani G204
(White) PPeruvian Pascual G4554
(Beige) 4Peruvian Lanarks Locota 6027